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Smelly sock sniffing!

Some of our sneaker and sock girls!

Jolanda sniffs her dirty well worn sneakers

Dirty sneaker smelling Jolanda is a student girl who loves sniffing her own smelly sneakers. After a busy day at school she takes off her old worn sneakers and gives them a good sniff! She also likes to sniff the shoes and sneakers of her female dormmates.

When everybody has left the dorm for college, she sneaks into the bedrooms of her girlfriends looking for forgotten dirty socks and sneakers. The smell of them gets her really exited! Most of her dormmates think she is a bit kinky, but she is such a pretty girl, nobody really minds! Full serie in the members area!

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Cindy has a huge fetish for her girlfriends socks

Cindy sock fetish sniffing Cindy is a very pretty girl to look at. She is a gorgeous, all natural, blonde with a very nice personality. She also has a huge smelly sock fetish. Cindy loves to sniff her girlfriends dirty socks. Especially when they have been wearing smelly sneakers all day on a hot summer day!

As long as she can remember Cindy allways had a love for socks. She is no longer ashamed of it anymore and she loves to smell all her girlfiends socked feet when she has a chance! She is also really into sneaker sniffing. Full serie in the members area!

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Sexy Gina sniffing her stinky sneakers

Gina sniffing her sneakers When Gina comes home from the gym, the first thing she does is to take off her smelly sneakers and give them a good sniff. Her nipples grow hard when she deeply inhales her own footsmell.

She gets really exited and starts to rub her sneaker over her pussy while wearing skin tight jeans. Gina usually wears pantyhose because they smell more after a good workout. When she is done with her dirty sneakers, she gives her panty feet a good lick and sniff...

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Cory and Rachel sock, boot and sneaker sniffing!

Cory and Rachel pay me a visit and soon the boots and sneakers are taken off...

We go Bitchy! Dominant Jordan sniffs and licks her smelly boots and socks!

Jordan lives a few blocks away from my house. She is sweet but also very dominant and bitchy. It was great to see her lick and sniff her socks and black leather boots :)

We go ethnic! Beautifull and powerfull Janet sniffs her boots and sweatsocks!

Janet is a student girl who needed some money to make ends meet. She responded to an ad i placed in the university magazine. I arrived at her appartment where she sniffed her smelly boots and sweatsocks for me!

We go asian!! Pretty Kim and Cory full force boot and sock sniffing!

Cory was at my place before. This time she brought her cute asian girlfriend Kim. Both girls were wearing smelly black leather boots. You can guess what happens next! Lots of sniffing and licking. 145 pictures.

Lynn and her dirty socks

After a nice day of shopping in the city, Lynn sniffs and licks her dirty well worn socks. She also gives her leopard(!) boots a good sniff. Real pretty and very kinky girl. When she put her smelly sock in her mouth and started chewing it i knew the type of girl i was dealing with :) 160 pictures.

Real girls sniffing their stinky shoes and socks!


Student footparty

Bianca and Jade invited me to their student flat. Soon the sneakers came off and the girls started sniffing each others smelly socked feet!

200 pictures.

Amateur girls from the streets!

Ineke and Joël are two girlfriends who emailed me to be in footwearclub. When i first met them i was delighted with these pretty girls! They didn´t hesitate at all when i asked them to take off their shoes...

90 pictures.

Forced sock sniffing. Lynn Gets dominated by her friend!

Sniff my stinky socks!

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